Audit Section


The main objectives of audit section is to detect errors and fraud if any exists and at the same to prevent errors and fraud in future. Any organization with the existence of strong audit control may have a moral check on the persons associated to be less motivated to any fraud and forgery.
In order to ensure the objectives the following controls are established.

  • Payment vouchers are checked and audited and duly signed by the Accounts Officer (audit).
  • Frequently internal audit is conducted and a report is prepared and submitted to higher authority.
  • Necessary measures are taken to ensure reply of all audit quarries and objections raised by Govt. Audit Team.

Its functions are

  • To check and  audit internal vouchers, documents, circulars, official’s order, bill. cheque etc.
  • To prepare internal audit report
  • To prepare annual provident fund report
  • To solve Govt. Audit objections.