Department of Engineering-Civil

Some Special projects undertaken by Engineering Department


A Fly-over project has been undertaken to mitigate traffic congestion at Dewanhat junction of the city. The length of which is around 500 m and having 2 lanes. The open space under the Fly Over in between the piers has been proposed to be utilized as commercial spaces to earn an important portion of the project cost. The implementation of this project will be considered as a successful model for future low-cost Fly-over at different busy junctions of the city to solve the traffic problem at different parts of the urban area.

Housing Project

A housing project has already been undertaken at west Madarbari near shuvapur Bus Stand of the city purchasing 7.25 acres of land from Bangladesh Railway to provide housing stock for middle & upper-middle class people of the society. This can help in developing a proper and healthy city environment with drawing unplanned and haphazard slump and squatter development in the adjacent areas. Also this can ensure a beautiful city scenario and pollution free environmental development throughout the whole region of the urban area. Similarly 2 more housing projects are being executed in city area, which can help developing adequate housing facility for the urban people in Chittagong.

Satellite Town project

With respect is the total population of 37 lac in Chittagong the housing stock is really inadequate at present. The open space, play ground, park, along-with other amusement and civic facilities are almost absent in the city. Besides this the city is growing haphazardly towards the periphery and occupying the beautiful hilly lands in such an unplanned manner, which is almost responsible for the destructive approach in the city development. Also since there is no such methodology in the urban planning is developing housing for low-income middle-income and high-income growth, the growth patter of the housing society is becoming modernized and agglomeration of various interest groups in one place. As a result various social eminences, crime, addiction violence and other sorts of social disorder is taking place. On the above mentioned perspective the recreation of the various social activities like residential, commercial, industrial, business, recreation, education, health and other civic facilities.


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