noneUniversity Managed by City Corporation: With a view to the demand of time and ensure people’s participation to realize the goal of right to education Chittagong City Corporation has taken- the basic and exceptional program of expansion and qualitative improvement of the education. As early as in the thirties of the last century Chairman of Chittagong Municipality Mr. Noor Ahmed introduced for the first time in the sub – continent free primary education with municipal funding. Although the continuity of the educational expansion has been interrupted at different times since then, the worth successor of late Noor Ahmed Chairman, the incumbent City Mayor has stressed on the expansion of education and its qualitative improvement and taken short, medium and long term plans.

Premier University

1/A, O.R.Nizam Road, Chittagong. Phone:+880 (0)31 656917, +880 (0)1199 738363, +880 (0)1711 374969, +880 (0)1711 199839

Services & Facilities

  • High quality faculty
  • Linkage with Industry
  • Global Vision
  • Excellence in all areas
  • Visiting faculty from business houses
  • Computer Lab with Internet facilities
  • Day-night Library facilities
  • Fully air-conditioned campus
  • Modern Teaching aid and methods

Credit Transfer

  • New Brunswick ( UNB )
  • Saint John, Canada & also with
  • SUI & AWU affiliates