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Dead body Carrier Van

As there was no suitable arrangement for preservation and carrying of dead body in Chittagong City, Chittagong City Corporation had taken initiative to build a freezing on using old vehicle and local technology with minimum cost first of its kind in Bangladesh 1997. After successful running of his Van continued demand has been coming from City dwellers move three freezing Van had been built with same technology and engaged in service successfully, Recently, with a view to carrying dead body at any place of the country a freezing Van with added facilities has been built on new chassis.

Technical facilities

With this freezing Van dead body can be carried in distance place. At the same time it can be preserved in the same place for hours/days together by election cal connection at a temperature up to 700 degree C.

The ice chamber built for preservation of the dead body can be operated in Duel system. In running condition it is operated by battery and in stoppage it is by electrical connection to increase the engine life and save fuel.

Financial Data

Total cost of building 5 No. of dead body courier is Tk. 33,52,000/- Total Tk. 32,53,764/- (at the rate of Tk. 200/- per hour and entry fee Tk. 200/- as hire charge has been earned till march, 2002.

Maintenance cost fuel cost salary and hire charge earned have been shown in a sheet item wise and Van wise.

This extra ordinary initiative taken by Chittagong City Corporation for rendering services to mankind has been highly appreciated by every corner of the society even by so many foreign delegation.

Its deserves special mention that it had been possible to preserve dead body of a foreigner in this Van for long 24 (twenty four) days in normal condition.

Break Down

Chittagong City has been declared “Health City” by world health organization. Keeping this point in view, old system of septic tank cleaning has been Manufactured by local technology in 1998. About 450 septic tank of different residential buildings word offices, school, college have been cleaned by this method.

Aerial lift

For smooth maintenance of different electrical appliances engaged in street light like halogen light bulb 500 light etc. recently 2 (two) N. of aerial lift with modern technology and high efficiency have been procured and engaged in work very efficiently. In this aerial lift operating facility is much higher and fuel consumption is much lower. Total cost of there two aerial lift is Tk. 76.00 lacs.


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