Tax Collection System and Policy

For the purpose of imposition of tax, new and improved structures surveyed, assessed and recorded. A notice stating the taxes so fixed has been served to the owner of the structure. If the owner is not satisfy with the taxes so fixed may filed objection within the statutory period. The objection is put up to the assessment Review Board. The decision taken by the board shall be final and a bill of demand servers to the appellant for payment.

Generally at the beginning of the financial year a demand bill/ demand bill bool sent to all the taxpayers. The owner may pay the taxes either to the corporation nominated Bank or to the area collectors. The collectors move from house to house for the collection of paura tax.

If anyone failed to pay tax within the financial year a surcharge of 15 % is imposed against arrear dues. 5 % rebate has been allowed on current quarter payment and 7.5 % rebate on payment of current quarter with the next two quarters and 10 % rebate on one years current payment.