Trade License

What is a Certificate of Enlistment?

Any person engaged in any profession, trade or calling in Chittagong, whether by himself, or through representatives and agents is required by the law to obtain a Certificate of Enlistment (C/E) from the City Corporation. The license department of the City Corporation is engaged in issuing Trade License Certificates for a variety of trades.

Trade License System and Policy

Trade license fees are collected by Trade License Inspectors on the spot. It is also collected by corporation nominated banks. Trade License fee is assessed by the Trade License Inspectors. Trade License is issued for one financial year and it is renewable. If anybody fails to renew his / her license in time, 15 % surcharge is imposed on license fee.

Shop Rent Collection System:

  • Shop rent is collected through nominated Banks. In some cases it is Collected in Cash. If the leases failed to pay in time, 10 % Surcharge is imposed.
  • Hat Bazar, Ferrighat, Khowar, Community Latrine etc. are leased out in accordance with the Government instructions in the mater.