Urban Issues

A. Urban Issues/Challenges:

  • To enhance Tourism industries.
  • To increase the Housing stock.
  • To mitigate Traffic congestion.
  • To encourage small and cottage industries.
  • Cyclone and Flood disaster management.
  • Generation of new employment opportunities.
  • To mitigate environmental pollution.
  • To encourage technical and vocational education.

B. Main Projects undertaken:

  • Satellite City.
  • 10- megawatt power generation plant.
  • 17- km long Marine drive along the sea beach.
  • Development of Recreational zone at sea beach.
  • Five Star Hotel.
  • 100 bed Memon hospital (maternity & child care) complex.
  • Fly-Over at different road intersection of the city.

Technical Co-operation:

  • What type of co-operation is needed:
    • Financial / Foreign investment.
    • Technical co-operation.
  • What type of co-operation can be offered by local authority:
    • Initial resources like land, part of the investment, manpower (technical & non-technical) and other necessary support.